Welcome to the wonderful world of The Hackney Gay (THG). 

At the very most i’ll be as famous as fuck, at the very least I can rant about straight women in gay bars (expect a LONG blog on that subject). 

I work in musical theatre, I’d love to tell you which musical but I think a little anonymity is fun, and you’d guess instantly which actor I am as I’m by FAR the best looking and most talented. I would rate my vocals at a solid post Britney 08, my acting at a ‘you giving the “it’s not you it’s me” speech to the guy that tried to turn your Tindr hook up into a thing’ (side note- it’s not a thing) and my dance ability at a ‘that fucking guy that goes clubbing Friday to Sunday, you know the guy, well him on a Sunday afternoon at the RVT’. Plus which, you’d guess who I am, I work in theatre- good spelling is rare. Believe. 

I’m currently watching The Undateables, so feel inclined to tell you that I’m single. My last (possibly only real) boyfriend and I parted ways very amicably last summer, probably more my choice. I then spent the following autumn drinking whisky and drunk texting him professing my love. Proud moments like that come few and far between. Especially ‘cute’ moment was BEGGING him (literally) to meet me for a drink (probably/definitely) alcoholic at Pub On The Park (first Hackney reference- THRILLED). He’s now possibly going to be famous on TV (wish I was kidding), nothing like fucking a guy in the ass when he’s choking on the proverbial dick (if you enjoyed that reference you weren’t meant too. You’re a pervert). 

I have since cleaned up my act, and have taken the Johnnie Walker down a few litres per week #growth. However I am still single, but for the first time wiser. 
So follow my blog, or don’t. (But if you don’t then atleast send me cash, the glamour of the theatre doesn’t pay like it used to).



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