Other People’s Children

ATTENTION PARENTS OF LONDON- Here is a list of people outside your family and very close friends who care about stories about your children- -Santa -God -Jimmy Saville   I recently made a trip to Hong Kong to visit my sister, her husband and my beautiful-angelic-possibly-most-handsome-boy-in-the-world nephew. I had not seen this likely-to-be-a-genius 2 year … Continue reading Other People’s Children

The Hong Kong Gay. At The Airport. 

Christmas came twice last year (the Christian celebration not my stripper friend of the same name) when my sister called me on the 23rd to tell me that she had bought me a return ticket to visit her in Hong Kong. This was both a generous and impressive present because, get this....... at this point … Continue reading The Hong Kong Gay. At The Airport. 

How Vain Is Too Vain? (Asking for a friend)

Here is a list of things that double up as mirrors- Windows Glass doors Other things made of glass Glass Forks Spoons (note, you may appear upside down) Forks Knives Cutlery you don't know the name of Picture frames (if you blur out the picture of your nephew) Your phone's selfie camera Other windows Really … Continue reading How Vain Is Too Vain? (Asking for a friend)