Other People’s Children

ATTENTION PARENTS OF LONDON- Here is a list of people outside your family and very close friends who care about stories about your children- -Santa -God -Jimmy Saville   I recently made a trip to Hong Kong to visit my sister, her husband and my beautiful-angelic-possibly-most-handsome-boy-in-the-world nephew. I had not seen this likely-to-be-a-genius 2 year … Continue reading Other People’s Children

Double tap for the naked guy…..

Let talk about values. What we value. What I value. Yes I love my friends. And my family. And pizza (Not in that order. Take a wild guess which I spend most time with, clue- it begins with a P). But in this modern age of iReaders and Macindosh Lapbooks and that delightful family of … Continue reading Double tap for the naked guy…..