Other People’s Children

ATTENTION PARENTS OF LONDON- Here is a list of people outside your family and very close friends who care about stories about your children- -Santa -God -Jimmy Saville   I recently made a trip to Hong Kong to visit my sister, her husband and my beautiful-angelic-possibly-most-handsome-boy-in-the-world nephew. I had not seen this likely-to-be-a-genius 2 year … Continue reading Other People’s Children

Cold Coffee. 

Morning nespresso- done. End of the episode of American Gods (Ricky Whittle) I fell asleep last night watching- done. Being honest to my readers about falling asleep watching the episode last night due to the extra strength homemade Bulgarian wine my sister bought home form a trip- done. Gym- done.  It's 12.30 pm and I … Continue reading Cold Coffee.